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SysOnyx Inc. is a company dedicated to delivering quality XML solutions at reasonable prices. SysOnyx has two main product lines for the industry, XML tools and a B2B/A2A Integration solutions.

xmlHack xmlHack, the Simple XML Editor.

XML is text, so why use a bloated "editor" when all you truly need is a text editor with a couple, simple features to ease your XML development.

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xmlLinguist the Text-To-XML Translator, for your B2B needs. xmlLinguist

Need to convert your flat, text files to XML? Use xmlLinguist, the bidirectional Text-to-XML translator. xmlLinguist is a Map Editor and a Translation Engine, which is automatable.

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xmlArchitect for your XML Schema needs.
The only way to create schemas. Remove the complexity of XML Schema creation through the intuitive design of xmlArchitect.

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xmlAssimilator, the high level Rule applicator. xmlAssimilator

Stylesheet generation based on high-level Rules as setup by the user in the extensible xmlAssimilator Framework. In early beta, request to participate.

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xmlCartographer for XSL Maps between XML documents. xmlCartographer

The visual XML-to-XML mapping tool, generates XSL as well as reads XSL to generate the visual map (i.e. edit either the map or the stylesheet). Ultimate flexability for the XML developer.

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