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xmlAssimilator applies Rules to an XML document, the final steps necessary to assimilate the document into your application, typically in B2B/A2A environments. These Rules, abstracting into easy-to-use GUI forms, are translated into XML StyleSheet documents, to be used in a B2B application. xmlAssimilator is also a Framework, each Rule Definition being a COM object, thus if custom Rules are desired by the end user, it is not too difficult to add it to xmlAssimilator.

More often then not in A2A scenarios, an XML document is 98% the way there, but one or two nodes need alterations. These changes typically happen in the Import code itself. A classic example are Date fields, they usually aren't in the proper format for a backend database, so the importing code alters the date for importing. With xmlAssimilator, you create a DateFormat rule, entering the desired nodes you wish this rule to be applied to, and the desired formatted output, and a Stylesheet will be generated for you on save.

xmlAssimilator is in a very early, private beta testing mode. If you wish to participate in the private Beta testing, email info@sysonyx.com requesting so. Note that there is a lot left to be done, so if you do want to participate, keep your expectations low.

You may also read the xmlAssimilator white paper NeedForAssmilation.doc for more information.

Scheduled Release Date: Winter 2003

xmlAssimilator Beta Application